Introducing Monte GTR

Performance tuning & on-board diagnostics
  • Up to +25% HP* +25% NM*
  • +18% fuel saving*
  • Clear codes and
    display gauges
  • Built-in dyno machine

You car can do a lot more than you think

Our state of art the performance tuning provides the driving experience you deserve.
Up to +25%
more power
Up to +25%
more torque
Fuel saved
Up to -1 sec
from 0-60 mph

A powerhouse full of features

Increase power and save fuel
With Monte GTR You can increase your engine power up to +25%, make the car more agile and at the same time improve your milage by staggering +18%*.
Change driving mode
Select out of 6 modes to achieve maximum power or fuel efficiency right from your driver seat. Up to +25% more power or +18% MPG with Race or Eco mode.
Read error codes
Read and clear error codes. A diagnostic tool available 24/7. Save time and money on diagnostics.
Test your 0-60, 1/4 mile and more
Perform accurate acceleration tests easily effortlessly and compare your results.
Measure your car horsepower and torque
Test your performance in real time with built-in dyno machine anywhere, anytime. Measure your horsepower and torque by performing a simple acceleration with your car.
Display live gauges
Watch all car readings that important for you, and display that right on the customizable touch screen display.

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Your pocket-sized dyno machine
With Monte GTR on-board dyno you can measure your real engine horsepower and torque within 2% by performing a simple acceleration with your car.
Create and compare unlimited dyno charts
Transfer and share dyno charts with your PC
BMW 8 series 4.4L

Performance unleashed

with Monte GTR
0-60 mph
3.8 sec
-0.62 sec

Performance tailored for you

Select from 6 modes (Eco/Eco plus, Sport/Sport Plus, Race/Race Plus) to get the most performance or fuel effiency out of your car.

Original: 523 HP 750 Nm. With RACE mode: 571 HP 811 NM.


BMW 8 series 4.4L

Designed for the fastest ride and productivity everywhere you go

  1. 11
    Magnet mount compatible - built-in metal disk for quick attach. Magnet mount is included in the box.
  2. 22
    3x CPUs - 3 dedicated CPUs for the fastet and the most secure tuning. 32-bit 48MHz
  3. 33
    Built-in 8Gb storage - store your dyno charts and tuning progress on the device.
  4. 44
    Touch screen display - 3.5' Diagonal - Full Color - Resistive Touch
  1. 1. Magnet mount compatible
  2. 2. 3 CPUs system
  3. 3. Built-in 8GB storage
  4. 4. Touch screen display

Easy plug&play installation in less than 5 minutes

  • Step 1
    Select your car and mode
  • Step 2
    Connect to OBDii
  • Step 3
    Enjoy your new ride

Watch Monte GTR installation video

Unlimited use. Buy once use on any out of over 8000 supported cars
Lifetime updates and new features guaranteed
Unrestricted access to all tuning database
Download Monte programmer
Requirements: Windows 10

9 reasons to order GTR for your car

  • 6 driving
    6 driving

    Optimize your car performance with a push of a button.

    RACE - RACE PLUS - maximum performance no fuel saving

    SPORT - SPORT PLUS - optimum performance gains, moderate fuel savings

    ECO - ECO PLUS - no performance gains, maximum fuel savings

  • Performance

    Test your acceleration timing 0-60, 1/4 miles

    Use on-board dyno machine to calculate horsepower and torque

  • Monte GTR
    Monte GTR

    Change vehicles

    Keep you Monte GTR firmware up to date

    Export dyno charts and logs

    Unlimited vehicle change to any out of over 8000 supported cars.

  • Easy to
    Easy to

    Easy plug and play installation no tools necessary

    Unplug or select the stock mode to bring car to stock

  • Real time
    Real time

    Display any car parameter you want with customizable gauges

    Please note that your car has a manufacturer restriction on the

    total number of parameters it can project.

  • Read & clear
    error codes
    Read & clear
    error codes

    Read and clear car trouble codes.

    A diagnostic tool available 24/7.

  • Unlimited
    No hidden fees, unrestricted and unlimited features with lifetime updates and features.
  • Cloud
    Connect your Monte GTR to PC to receive new updates and features.
  • 3x CPUs
    3x CPUs
    3 dedicated CPUs safely handle the tuning of your engine to achieve maximum performance and fuel efficiency.
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Tech specs

Performance figures
Up to +25% more HP*
Up to +25% more NM*
Up to +18%* fuel savings
Warranty and return
30 days money back and lifetime warranty on defects
Monte GTR firmware core
PC programmer with vehicle specific tuning database
16 pin obdii connector, Operating t -40 C° +85C°, Operating voltage 7,5V - 20V, Touch screen display
Length 121 mm, Width 76 mm, Hight 25 mm
What’s in the box?
Monte GTR, Quick start guide, OBDII connector, Magnet mount, Car sticker

Product PDF manual

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Top questions and answers about Monte GTR

*Real world gains may be less or more depending on a large number of contributing factors such as displacement, aspiration and selected tuning mode.
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